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Giulio Auriemma
Computer Scientist

About me

"I believe that computer science represent the future, and I'm studying it to build my own one in the best possible way."

Hello, it's me, Giulio, a young computer science with a very big passion for videogames and other nerdy stuff. My adventure began years ago, in a Christmas'Eve night, when my parents gave me a big grey box that allowed me to play the story of a little purple dragon. From that moment on, I have always been a videogames lover, and when the moment of choosing my path came, my decision was pretty simple to take: I will become a videogames programmer. As every computer scientist, I started my path with the programming language's god (no Assembly, I'm not talking about you!): C. Then during my studies I have tried a lot of other languages and technologies, moved by my eclecticism and my will to know about everything. During this journey I have found a lot of other intersting things, and sometimes I have also forgot about my very final quest, attracted by amazing secondary missions, but at the end Gollum cannot be kept far from the Ring for too much time, so here am I, as I have always seen myself: a videogame programmer.
Actually I'm C++ main (sorry Unity, not your time yet) since I really like the low-level (memory management, pointer's arithmetic, possibility of handling any aspect of programming...) and high-level (classes, polymorphism, virtualization...) features it has, that allows you to have room for subtle optimization and without getting rid of design's abstraction. Anyway I also try to keep my knowledge of other technologies up to date, since I really like to have many aces in my sleeve.
My secret is to see programming more as a game than as a work: every project is a level in which you must defeat some mini-boss (the bugs) using your weapon (your knowledge) and your magic book (StackOverflow) until you save the princess (your program) and gain her kiss (I would say it is something like personal satisfaction or gratification, but we all know that it represent money). Sometimes the level is timed (the tremendous timelines), but if you hate the laggard as much as I do, it will be not a problem. But remember: if you can beat a monster with a jump, you don't need to do a triple somersault, as Ockham said: "Between many solutions, the simplest is often the best one".



I know very good C/C++ and how to build fast code exploiting all their power. I studied most important parallel pattern and i can apply it with Thread or OpenMP.


My preferred object oriented languages. I have used it to build either stand-alone software or back-end application. I also know JavaFX and SwingUI.


With it I have mainly build Unity application and C++ wrapper. Of this language I particularly like the LINQ library and yield operator.


I have used Javascript and i have played with all its most important framework and libraries: NodeJs, AngularJs, ReactJS, Typescript and D3js.


I'm able to build responsive website. I know the most used web framework and library, i.e. JQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap and SASS. I have also worked with PHP.


Whenever i build software alone or in a group i use git for versioning, because a good use of git can save hours of work. I can use it in a smart and very effective way.


I have worked with all kind of SQL database and i have studied how a relational db is build and how to implement it. I have also some experiences with NoSQL.


I have played with OpenGL primitives, implementing some basic scenes and lighting model. I have experience with WebGL too.


WHATAAAAH! I'm a karate black belt, but I'm not dangerous. I love karate and its philosophy and it helps me very much in growing up.

Unreal Engine

In my master thesis I have start using this game engine and I have learnt its basis, mainly putting my hand on its source code.

Unity Engine

I have developed a couple of VR application with Unity and I know it discretely well. I really enjoy its simplicity and power.




  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science cum laude at "Prima Università di Napoli Federico II" (2013 - 2016)
  • Master in Computer Science at "Università degli Studi di Pisa" (2016 - 2018)


  • Development of cross-platform mobile library for a CMS at Blexin Srl (2016)
  • Junior Game Developer at Milestone (2018 - now)


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